Monday, May 26, 2008

Stolen Artwork of Bill Reid

It is with great sadness that I compose this post. Unfortunately, sad things happen and while sometimes we can do something about them, there are other times when we can only watch in helpless horror.
This past Friday night or early Saturday morning (May 23/24), eleven pieces of art, created by the skilled hands of Haida artist, Bill Reid, were stolen from the museum at the University of British Columbia. In my opinion, Bill Reid was one of the greatest west coast artists of all time, and his works are priceless! As the years of my life have passed and my own interpretation of west coast art has been expressed, the work of Bill Reid has continued to inspire me. In fact, in my home, I proudly display three pieces of Bill Reid art. How tragic that the legacy he left has been stained by greed! Perhpas the pieces will be recovered without incurring any damage.

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