Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pluggin Along Day By Day

Dear Friends,
I hope you are all HHT - you know, happy, healthy and terrific! I'm doing great myself (although I really shouldn't brag). Life has its challenges for me too and those usually include needing more sleep than I want to allow myself to get. Oh well, some things I just have to live with! (Yawn) My to-do list certainly won't run out any time soon.
As for my writing, it takes a back seat to my job. I gotta pay the bills and eat a little now and then. I expect not may of you who are reading this blog are independently wealthy or have a massive monthly allowance from a rich inheritance to support you (or have recently won the lottery), so I think you all know how it is in the trenches of life. Trying to make the best of my current situation seems to work - at least if I get past the "trying" phase.
I think my favourite thing in life is my grandchildren, except they all live far away and I don't get to play or visit with them much. We do connect on SKYPE however, and that is great. My youngest of four grandchildren will require another year or so before he can talk to me on the phone, but the time will pass and soon the day will come for him too.
About my latest novel -  which some of you may be wondering about: I have been working on it, but not recently due to 50-60+ hour work weeks for the past several months plus some rather important volunteering that I do. And then there's the grass to mow and the garden and greenhouses to tend. (By the way, I picked my first ripe tomatoes last week and the green peppers have been on for about a month. Mmmm!) I did, however, break the 50,000 word barrier in my novel and it looks like I have about double that to go to reach the end. I hope soon to get back to my keyboard to add more life to the awesome story of the Treasure of El Grado Escaso. I am quite enjoying the creative process - as often as possible. This is the first novel I have created a full outline for before I began writing the details, so when I return to the manuscript after an extended period of time, I am able to pick up where I left off pretty easily. And I like that a lot! It caters to my limited options.
On another happy note, my sweetheart and I just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary and yes, we're still newlyweds. I am grateful to be married to such an amazing woman! I feel most blessed and smiled upon! Indeed I am a lucky man!
Well, that's about all I have for now. I often sit in the air-ride seat of my semi-truck and think of posts I might do, but by the time I get home and eat supper, my creativity has already gone to bed without me. I promise to try to post more, but you'll know if that happens. In the mean time, be safe out there and try to do some nice thing for someone every day.
God bless you all,