Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Photos

I have been mostly working hard at my full time job, but have squeezed in a bit of photo scanning.
The editor, for "Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off" has been changed, and while that slows things down a bit, it is also positive. I understand that the new editor is awesome! I still don't have an ETA for publication release , but that will come soon.
So far, my business card is being well received. A warm welcome to all the new visitors!
I thought I'd share a couple of the pictures I have just scanned. The shots are (1)from 1964, probably right after Christmas, and (2) the fall of 1979. In 1967, my youngest sister joined our family, but in '64, there were just five of us.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Christmas Poem

Yesterday morning, I awoke early and staggered into the bathroom. It was still dark out, but somehow, covered with the cobwebs of sleep, I had a thought. It was like a tiny candle at the other end of a long, dark hallway, but I saw it none-the-less. It was an idea for a poem.
Now you should know that I write poetry, but not on command. Sometimes, I have poetry-moods - when I write several masterpieces, followed, of course, by poetry droughts, when I wonder how I ever wrote anything poetic, and cannot imagine creating anything new. Well... the drought is over...
Oh, and if anyone would like to use my copyrighted poem for non-commercial use only, you may copy it, print it out and have fun. Here it is:
A Lamb's Tale
By Davis Bigelow
I slept in the field,
That night, when they shone.
Their heavenly light,
Was brighter than dawn.
I heard sacred words,
But had to remain,
Away from the child,
On Bethlehem's plain.
The shepherds all left.
I trembled in fright.
Would I be quite safe?
In the dark of the night?
Silence was rent,
By my a little lamb voice.
I'd have looked for the Christ,
If given the choice.
But such was my a lot,
To wait for the word,
That my Shepherd would tell,
Later on to my herd.
I 'ner saw for myself,
Though I lived, oh so close.
I could choose to believe,
Or be deaf like a post.
But my young Shepherd friend,
Was honest and fair.
I hung on his tale,
'Bout Bethlehem there.
The night Christ was laid,
In a manger with hay.
The night God came down,
For men's souls for to pay.
I felt in my heart,
That the tale was right.
My ears heard the truth,
And my heart filled with light.
Like me, some men are.
Their eyes never see.
Some hear just the words,
And believe, just like me.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My New Business Card

First, I'd like to welcome all the new readers. I hope you enjoy my blog. My website still isn't quite ready, but soon. I am trying to animate the introduction screen, using my new logo. When I say "I", I mean Josh, (my daughter, Amberle's boyfriend). He does computer animation, so I left the task in his capable hands - or is it his mouse?

My adventure to Red Deer, this past Thursday and Friday, ended well. Thanks again to everyone who helped out with that. To reload, for my return trip, I had to drive south-east for an hour and a half, so I didn't get home until late. But I did get home!! :D

My website may not be ready, but I have finally completed my business card. I spent hours playing with logo designs! Last night, when I went to pick up my repaired truck - (I do hope it stays working this time!) - I took my business card to get printed. For those of you who only visit me online, here it is - larger than life of course.

Oh, there is one more matter to tell you about. Sadly, I never got to 50,000 words written by the end of November. :( Considering my extremely busy life, writing over 14,000 words in 20 days seems pretty good to me. The good news, however, is that I am going to finish the novel to see if it really will be 50,000 words in length. :) Maybe I'll save the rest for next November. I have a five page outline , so I should, in theory, be able to shelf the project and begin again right where I left off. I am considering publishing the novel on line - perhaps a chapter at a time on my website, but the ideas are still swirling. Anyone have a recommendation for me? (If you wish to get in touch with me, but don't want to leave a comment here, you can go to my profile and email me.)