Monday, May 5, 2008

Lighthouse Slide Show 1983

Hi again fellow Internet travellers. A big welcome to all the new readers from the countries of Finland, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Lithuania, Mexico, Monaco, Scotland, Switzerland, as well as readers from three more Provinces of Canada and eight more States in the US. Thank you all for your interest!! In my April 6th post I mentioned some slides that my mother created in 1983. I just got them back from the lab and am anxious to share them with you all. Here is the first one: This first one and all the rest can be viewed by going to My Slide Show Links (in the sidebar) and clicking on Pointer Island Lighthouse - Early 1983. Enjoy!!!!

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Anne Bradshaw said...

Amazing photographs! Thoroughly enjoyed viewing them.

And thanks so much for the insightful and eloquent comment about the Ardanea Pendant poster on my blog. Please may we quote you, if needed, in pitches? If so, what title would you like us to give you?