Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Online Award Ceremony

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

I received this Blog wonderful award from Ainhoa, a Spanish young author (currently working on a novel). Translated to English, “Premio Symbelmine” means "Sublime Award". I am deeply honoured. Thank you Ainhoa!!
Ainhoa's blog is in Spanish, but you can obtain a fairly good translation by using an Spanish/English Translator. The free version of the translator can handle 500 characters at a time (about 90 words).
As a Premio Symbelmine award recipient, it is my pleasure to find seven other Blogs that I think merit sublime status. I couldn’t settle on just seven, however, so here are eight greats (in no particular order):

  1. James Ball - Author - So You Want to be a Pilot, Eh? James’s blog is loaded up with highflying fun!

  2. Tristi Pinkston - Author - Nothing to Regret - Tristi’s blog is always a nice place to visit. My wife recently enjoyed one of Tristi’s books.

  3. Traci Hunter Abramson - Author - The Deep End - Traci is on the move - another title is about to hit the stores.

  4. Anne Bradshaw - Author - Please, No Zits – Anne runs a happenin’ blog with a waterfall of contests.

  5. Autumn Ables - Author - As We Greet With A Kiss – Recently, Autumn has been too busy to talk about things in her corner of the world, but when she does, it is always interesting.

  6. Adam Letourneau - Author - So You Want To Be A Lawyer, Eh? – Adam’s blog leads its readers into some fascinating facets of the Canadian legal system.

  7. Deanna Raybourn - Author - Silent in the Moor – Deanna’s blog always promises something intriguing and unexpected.

  8. Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) - Author - Dreams Die Hard, Lost Canyon Springs Vol. II – If you like political stirrings, this is the blog for you – and Candace doesn’t pull any punches, so just hold on for the ride!


Tristi Pinkston said...

Thanks for the award, Davis! I appreciate it.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Hey, thanks for the award, Davis! Much appreciated. I'll post it when I have a moment.