Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Faith Of Our Fathers" by N. C. Allen

Faith Of Our Fathers” is a four-book series written by the talented hands of author, N. C. Allen.

A year or so ago, I listened to Nancy’s first two books on CD, but never got around to enjoying the final two volumes until recently. A visit to my public library found me signing out volumes two, three and four – I thought I’d better re-listen to Volume two.

Over the past three weeks, I devoured the remaining bulk of the saga, enjoying each and every minute of it. I thought I knew about the American Civil War. In my Canadian schooling, I studied it in depth—or so I thought. By the time Nancy Allen’s powerful tale was told, however, I realized that my knowledge was painfully superficial. Nancy took me where my studies had never ventured—into the hearts and minds of individuals on both sides of the conflict. In listening to the narration, I saw and I heard, but most of all, I felt. Nancy’s unforgettable characters let me experience the fear of furious and oft-times senseless battles, to weep with the oppressed, to rejoice at the uncountable acts of valour, and to celebrate the ultimate triumph of the noble cause of freedom—a cause that cost so very much more than I had ever realized!

Thank you Nancy for your amazing contribution to the literary world! Thank you for your contribution to my own understanding!

N. C. Allen’s Series: Faith of Our Fathers
Volume 1 - A House Divided
Volume 2 - To Make Men Free
Volume 3 - Through the Perilous Fight
Volume 4 - One Nation Under God

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