Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Snow In Southern Alberta

I took these pictures of our side yard just a few minutes ago. The snow flakes are rather large and appear to be blotches on my lens.

Yesterday, believe it or not, the day was so warm that I ran my truck's air conditioner for several hours. For the past few days, our furnace has not even needed to run. The great outdoors has lured us with an abundance of short-sleeve weather. Late last night, however, a storm front came in. I hate it when that happens! Mother Nature never has consulted me - I guess I should stop waiting for it. Now all that remains is damage control. I hope my snow shovel is lost under a drift!


Barb said...

The wonderful joys of living in Southern Alberta. You can have summer and winter in the same day!

Tristi Pinkston said...

That's some serious snowfall!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Just wondering if you got my reminder email, Davis? June 24th is coming up fast, and I need to know asap if I need to change anything. Look forward to hearing from you. Hope all is well. Is the book out yet?