Saturday, March 26, 2011

World Peace, Gay Marriage and Every Other Tough Issue

World Peace, Gay Marriage and Every Other Tough Issue

In a previous blog post, I promised that I would soon take a leap into controversy. And here I am. Not only am I making good on my promise but I’m diving right into a very volatile area of current affairs. This week, come with me while I begin to take a hard look at world peace, gay marriage, straight marriage and so much more.

The fact that I haven’t brought controversy to my past blog posts is not because I don’t feel strongly about things. I do feel very strongly about a great many issues. Religion, morality, ethnicity, sexuality, music and greed all sit more or less at the top of my list of most-opinionated-subjects.

If Davis Bigelow is anything, he is a man who’s not afraid to speak up. What I am afraid of is speaking up before I consider my words. My parents used to tell me, “Davis, first put mind into gear before putting mouth into motion!” Good advice! So in all fairness to my candid, open mouthed lifestyle, I should tell you that in the past I have offered several opinionated comments on the posts of a few others out there on the World Wide Web. I hope my past comments have not offended anyone. I hope that this blog post is equally inoffensive.

So let’s get right to it shall we? How do we have world peace?

I think that tolerating and even encouraging reasonable differences in others are the twin keys to world peace. Tolerance and respect seem to be absent from any war I have studied. I’ve never seem contention and tolerance together in peaceful coexistence. Have you? Now, as you may have already noted, there’s also the matter of reasonable differences that I think should be tolerated and even encouraged. Who, you may ask, defines what “differences are reasonable”? Well, I have an opinion on that too – and I’ll post my opinion next Saturday morning. I have spent the past 25 years or more using a failure proof test whereby any open minded adult in possession of their full faculties can determine, yes, determine the appropriateness of a particular behaviour. Any guesses as to what the simple test is? (You have a week to guess before I spill it – and the April 2nd post is already uploaded and scheduled.)

See you next weekend!

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