Monday, March 7, 2011

Something Profound This Way Comes

Something profound has happened in my soul. Perhaps my recent lack of outdoor adventure has made me long for a fresh connection to the miraculous world I live in. Perhaps I’m just getting sentimental in my old age (not that I’m all that old though)? Perhaps I’m just more sensitive than I used to be? Perhaps the recent disruption of my income has heightened my sense of the potential frailties and seemingly endless possibilities of life? Perhaps I’ve more fully noticed the finite certainty of mortality and the fact that my time here is limited? Perhaps I’m finally mature enough to honestly acknowledge that life is hard for everyone – even if I don’t know about the hardships and struggles of others. Perhaps it’s the fact that yesterday was the remembered birthday of my wife’s mother, now passed on? Perhaps I just haven’t encountered a really big miracle for a while? Or perhaps it’s that fact that I’m a day’s drive away from the most exciting bit of action in our family? Whatever the reasons however, I’ve spent the past 12 hours in emotional awe. In the past 12 hours, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried and I’ve earnestly prayed. I’ve been washed over by warm waves gratitude. Last night I even awoke from a sound sleep and found myself smiling at the fresh news. Truly, life is a gift! Life is precious! Life is a celebration! Life is a sweet miracle that I’ve taken for granted way too many times!

What has happened? Well I will tell you. After weeks of coping with a slow leak of amniotic fluid, after one lengthy air ambulance ride, after weeks of hospital bed rest, after plenty of prayers and worry and boredom, and finally, after 35hours and 45 minutes of actually trying to have a baby, last night, by caesarean section, my youngest daughter gave birth to her first daughter. A healthy, black- haired beauty, Airyanna Ellissa Marie immediately claimed her father’s heart and took over mine shortly thereafter (and I haven’t even seen her yet). Last night, as I awaited the news, I was reminded of my own delivery room vigil for each of my four children. I recalled my own overwhelming joy as my three daughters and one son drew their first breaths and claimed my heart and then claimed the hearts of the rest of the family. I remembered my own worry for the life of my sweet wife and the joy I felt when she was finally out of danger. I felt anew my sense of profound appreciation for my wife’s sacrifices in bring our children into this world. In years, now long past, it was my privilege to witness the miracle of birth, and last night it was my son-in-law’s turn. When he phoned to give us the news, I heard it in his voice – his life had been forever changed. He was a father. He had a healthy daughter and a recovering wife! He too had seen the miracle of birth. Life was great - even though it had been stressful and exhausting only minutes before!

And so I have one thing left to say... Welcome to our family little Airyanna! I can’t wait to meet you! Thank you for reminding me of how precious life really is!


Papergirl said...

Congratulations Grandpa! Grandchildren are a true blessing. They make growing older something to enjoy.(not that we are old or anything!)

Davis L. Bigelow said...

Definitely not old! Just wiser I hope. Thank you for that kind commet.
My sweetheart & I got our daughter & new grand daughter back to their home in Dawson Creek, B.C. safe and sound. Our son-in-law was dying with anticipation and was not dissapointed when little Airyanna arrived to have some "Dad-time" with him.
For us, 4,500km of winter driving in the past two weeks has been an adventure! We are blessed to have a four wheel drive car and I think a healthy portion of divine interention as well.
Airyanna is our 3rd grandchild. Since our other two grandchildren live in Dawson Creek too, we had tripple fun!
Sweet times! Very sweet times!