Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movie Review – “127 Hours”

Movie Review – “127 Hours”
This movie depicts a real-life extreme adventure where the main character is trapped in a life or death situation. In order for him to live, he has to amputate his own arm (which is graphically portrayed). This true story is set against the breathtaking scenery of mountains and canyons and the camera operators did a fantastic job of showing off the area. I found the acting to be very good. I liked the way the director made use of flashbacks to both tell the story and to endear the audience to the main character. There was also a ‘premonition’ scene where the main character accurately sees into his future, but that scene only made sense to me as the movie concluded with a visit with the real person whom the story was about (which was very cool by the way). As I watched this movie, I was transported into the pain this man experienced - into the depths of his feelings and into the deeply personal process of how he survived mentally. I mostly enjoyed the show. However, “127 Hours” would have been so much more enjoyable had there not been so much profanity. I don't understand why those who make movies think that they need profanity. Yes, the adventurer may have used profanity in the actual event, but there is no appropriate place for profanity in any movie anytime, anywhere! So... well done for the photography and well done for the attempt to portray an over-the-top, life altering event in the life of a very brave and determined man, but... two thumbs down for the infestation of foul language which, like a colony of aggressive fire ants under my theatre seat, spoiled an otherwise fantastic movie.

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Matthew Brennan said...

I haven't actually seen this yet but it seems incredible. I really want to know more about this guy's story.