Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mighty Keystrokes, Pastel Paint and Soft Wood

Hi everyone!! A big welcome to all my visitors, especially the new ones from Cote D'ivoire (Ivory Cost - Africa), Argentina, Romania and Sweden. It has been a long time since I posted, but I’m still here. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying my blog. My editing is coming along and I’m over half way to the end of 3 Seconds On, 3 Seconds Off – Volume I. The Copy Editor’s suggested changes are often unexpected and even though I agree with the vast majority of them, a few seem to jump out and demand careful consideration. All in all, I’m having a great time reading through the manuscript and tossing my two cents worth in here and there. Once I am done, my publisher will do a final read-through. If he likes it all, then the manuscript goes to final layout for printing! Yes!!
My website is also progressing, but I’m still not sure of when it will come on line. (No pun intended.) Writing On Stone Press just asked for a list of page ideas for the site. I created the list and sent it off this past week.
My picture editing is still ongoing. I happily found a set of ten medium format slides (film about 3x bigger than ordinary 35 mm film). My mother created the collection in 1983 – all looking at Pointer Island Light, from various spots along the shores of Hunter Island. By the look of structural development of the lighthouse, the pictures were taken over a year after I left and just before Mom & Dad retired. The images are perfectly exposed and preserved! I’m trying to get them digitized so I can show them to you. Unfortunately, I don’t have the equipment to process them myself, or you’d already be enjoying them.
In addition to my book work, and, of course, my job, my wife, Diana, and I are repainting one of our bathrooms. The room is small, but there are numerous angles and tiny alcoves to dab paint on. To further complicate the project we have employed two shades of blue – one very light and the other a touch darker. The effect is beautiful, and we are nearly finished. I can’t believe how much masking tape was used! This is the first time we have painted this room since we moved here nearly 20 years ago! I think it’s due!
My carving is also progressing. I created, laid out and traced the design onto the wood. Then, I swallowed hard and put blade to wood on my grand son’s birthday sign. So far, it is going well. I’m trying not to rush, and so far, my pace seems to have saved me from any slips. I like the way the project is going. It is so magical to be able to transform an ordinary, plain piece of wood into a work of art! And I haven’t even cut myself – yet!

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