Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poetry Games

A couple of weeks ago, a friend, Cam, invited my wife and I to a party - a party featuring a lot of music. We agreed, but my schedule wouldn't allow any musical preparation. Cam suggested that I write a poem instead. A cool idea, so I did. In fact, I wrote two - dedicated to Cam and his wife, Judy: (As always, you may only copy these poems for non-commercial fun - unless you obtain written permission from me, Davis L. Bigelow.)

The Limerick of Cam

There once was a man name of Cam,
Who was filled with a whole ton of spam.
Cam asked marriage of Judy,
Who felt none to prudy,
And ran off with the man and his spam!
By Davis L. Bigelow
April 7, 2008
Once I got warmed up, I wrote this one:
Ode to Cam & Judy

Here’s a poem for you,
Mister Cam Lamoureux.
And it’s not just for you,
But your wife, Judy, too!

It’s a quick-witted rhyme,
Prompting laughter like chime.
It’s not rude, lewd or crude,
But not pretty - like Jude.

Cam’s the king of his house.
Though he’s short – like a mouse.
If it weren’t for his bride,
He’d be doomed to his pride.

With the name Lamoureux,
Cam can’t help but be true.
And when she yells, “Hey you!”
He’s a wild kangaroo!

Leaping right to her side,
Taking life in its stride.
Cuz its all about love;
Both for now and above.

So Cam still courts his Judy.
She’s forever his beauty.
And Jude’s love through and through,
Is for Cam Lamoureux.

By Davis L. Bigelow
April 8, 2008


Ainhoa said...

There is no better thing in this world than friendship. Beautiful poems.
Un saludo.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm speechless. :)

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh! You're so sweet. I think it's awesome that you can write poems on a whim such as these. I can NOT for the lif of me such a task. You are very talented in that area..and others.

Thanks for sharing them, Davis, I enjoyed them both. :) And I'm sure Cam and Jusy loved them. What a cool gift!

Davis Bigelow said...

Thanks for the comments. If any of you would like me to try writing a poem in your honour (or someone else's), just tell me some things about yourself or themselves - the more information the better and I will see if my magic wand can dispense some ink. Actually, you should get a close friend to tell me about you as well as offering your own insights. That way I get more perspective. Anyway, if you want to try this, just email me the info and I'll email something fun back to you. If you like what I write, you can post it on your blog, give it to someone as a uniquely personal gift, or both.