Monday, January 7, 2008

What Is Going On With My Writing Projects?

Today, Autumn Ables asked some good questions. It appears that I have created a little confusion. Sorry. I will endeavour to explain what on earth I am doing with my writing projects.

The fiction novel I began for nanowrimo 2007 is called "In Ravenscrag's Shadow". It is an adventure novel and is only partially written, but I have a completed outline for the entire book. I completed its conception, invention and nearly 15,000 words in the month of November. (I was trying for 50,000 words but needed sleep.) Once November came to an end, so did my work on that fiction piece. My publisher is aware of the 15,000 words, but my publisher has never published a work of fiction. (ie. I'd probably need a different publisher.) I have plans to publish "In Ravenscrag's Shadow", but "plans" are all I have at this point. I may publish the book a chapter at a time on my website (when it is up and running). It was extreme fun to write the first part of this fiction novel, and I will definitely finish it. I may wait until nanowrimo 2008 before trying to reach the 50,000 word goal, but if I get time, I will complete it sooner.

Presently, I am on page 187 of 261 pages in Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off – Volume I. My editor has returned the manuscript with her recommended changes and I am reviewing them - making further changes where I think they are needed, but mostly just going with her recommendations. I hope to have the entire book completed within the next two weeks. After that, the manuscript goes back to the editor so she can review my changes. I think that she reviews it again and either accepts my revisions or makes new ones. Then the manuscript comes back to me to review a second time - and so on until we both agree on everything. Then the book goes to an editor who checks for grammar and spelling. Then, if I understand it right, the manuscript goes to the printer. At this point in time, I do not have a tentative publication date, but it is anticipated to occur in the neighbourhood of March 2008. My publisher is anxious to complete the project, but is more anxious that it is done right. I feel the same way.

My full time job demands a lot of me, and I have to sleep some of the time too. (I drive a double trailer semi, hauling grain so that cows can eat and do what they do.) However, I make good use of any down time I have by pulling out my laptop or a notepad. I was able to get through over 30 pages of editing today while I waited to unload, load and get a tire repaired. (So far this year, my semi has run for nearly 50 hours - and I took the 1st off.) It is a challenge to get writing things done, but a challenge I usually enjoy - its always an adventure.

I hope I have clarified a little. Thank you all for your interest. I will keep you posted (no pun intended) on my progress, but please feel free to ask about anything that you're not sure about. Talk to you soon!


jodi said...

I can see you've been incredibly busy over the past few weeks, Davis! I'm particularly charmed by your artwork of the whale; (am combining comments because my internet connection continues to be irritatingly slow, but my provider has ordered the new equipment he needs to clear the bottleneck in our community, so hopefully within a week or so...)
You can't sleep very much, that's for sure, driving that many hours and being a family oriented guy plus writing every spare second, I can see. When is your preferred time to write? I work well late at night unless I'm too tired, but since this is my all-the-time work, I can write at any time of the day...and do. (well, normally not between about 3-5 am or during supper hour; those are about the only times that I'm not normally working on something interesting!

Davis Bigelow said...

Thanks for your comment Jodi, I'm glad you like my art. I hope to get more posted soon. Tonight, I am so excited about finishing the edit on my manuscript. It is about killing me!!! As of tonight, I have 13 pages to go! Unbelievable!!!
Every time I stop my truck to load or unload, I look for a few minutes to write. Usually, I only get five to ten minutes at a time, but it sure adds up. I am often off work on Saturdays and usually get up early to spend an hour (or sometimes two) typing - before my sweetheart wakes up. My prefered time to write is when the house is perfectly silent and no one is phoning or waiting for me to do anything. If I waited for big blocks of time, I would have never written anything. (ie. I envy you!) I think you have to make use of what you have - no matter what it is. I believe that everyone has something interesting to say - if only I'm patient enough to listen. It's amazing what can be done using 26 letters in somewhat predictable sequences. But don't let that stop any of you!! A little writing is better than none!

Tristi Pinkston said...

March is coming really soon -- are you about jumping out of your skin?

Davis Bigelow said...

Hi Tristi, Alas, it is true!! I am. I see that you have some experience with this "eminent publishing" phenomenon. In fact, I bought your book, "Strength To Endure" for my wife for Christmas. She enjoyed it a lot! I asked her to write a review for you, but she has been ill. ('Tis the season for that phenomenon too.)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Yeah, I'm pretty excited for March too!

I'm sorry your wife is ill -- but glad she liked the book. I'll look forward to the review whenever she's up to it.

Autumn Ables said...

This was very helpful in clearing up the confusion I had about you. {not that everybody is as confused and I- they usually aren't!}

Keep up your great work, Davis!

I pray your wife and you will get over your illnesses fast. :)

Davis Bigelow said...

Thankfully, Diana is feeling better today. Thank you for your concern.
Autumn, I'm going to spend some time considering how to better un-confuse my information. You can't be the only one wondering about how it all fits together. If you, or anyone else has an idea about this, please feel free to email me. (My address is now on the front part of this blog, but Blogger wouldn't let me install it as a clickable link. You have to copy and paste it into you own email system.)