Saturday, January 5, 2008

Serious Editing In Progress

Hi again, it has been much too long since I last greeted you all.
On December 18, 2007 I received my edited manuscript back from my editor - all 250 odd pages of it. At first I felt overwhelmed! Next, I went to work, checking the highlighted recommendations and adding or subtracting anything I felt necessary. My editor asked me to consider striking five of the weaker stories from the book, and at first, that distressed me greatly! Cut up my baby? Well, after stewing for days about the idea, I still could not decide what to do. I wanted to keep them all, but felt great respect for this unexpected opinion. After all, my editor wasn't born yesterday! Finally, I had an idea that proved to be the linchpin. I sat quietly and read over my Table of Contents, trying to feel each story in sequential order. As I progressed from one title to the next, feeling the changing moods of the entire volume in just a few seconds, I was surprised to find myself agreeing with the editor. Soooo! In Volume I, I will be cutting the five recommended stories - sorry. If this first edition does well on the book shelves of the world, I have the option of inserting those five stories in the second edition or adding them to Volume II or III.

And speaking of Volumes 2 & 3, on Dec 11th, I got an idea for a fourth volume. When I began leaving the lighthouse to attend high school (in various places), I had many experiences while attempting to integrate my socially backward self into society. Living in isolation created a social-misfit-default-setting that I have spent decades trying to re-write. I thought there may be some public interest in this struggle, but for sure I will eventually write these stories for my family - whether I publish them or not. My concepts for volumes 1-3 are all limited to lighthouse events.

To date, I have edited Volume I up to page 130. The work is fun, enlightening and emotionally charged. I often wonder how a stranger will feel when they read a chapter that pushes unbidden tears into my eyes. I hope that all my readers will feel as I felt at the time of the described events. It was such a pleasure for me to create this book, and I hope it is enjoyed by a great many people. Thank you for your interest. I sincerely appreciate it!

The last 500 visitors to my blog are from all over the world - have a look. Totally awesome!! Thank you all for dropping by for a visit. If you enjoy my blog, please tell your friends and family - because there is much more to come!!!

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Ainhoa said...

It must be exciting to know that your book is going to be published so soon. I would love to have it; I hope you tell us, who live so far away, where to buy it.
Happy New Year, by the way.

Davis Bigelow said...

I will let you know. I'm sure your turn will be here soon. How is your book coming along?

Ajoy said...

AMAZED & HAPPY am I for you!!

Just the thought that you have made it to the point of being accepted to editing your book with notes from 'your' editor is so wonderful.

I'd have to say that if I were asked to start chopping away at my novel I think I'd cry. {Which will happen I am sure.} But, I am impressed that you took the time to think things through before you started deleting stories and have come to the wise conclusion that your editor was right afterall and that you can always add it to books II or III. And that leads me to my next comment... I am SO surprised to read that you have up to book 4 either written or in the works!! AWESOME!

A couple of questions... Is this novel partially fiction?

Is this novel based on you but you have kept your idenity and added a new chacter in place of?

What a compliment for you to have readers from all over the world. This is exciting and fun. :)

Ajoy said...

Oh, hey again. I just noticed that you had me on your side bar {I feel so special!} and I have to let you know that I keep changing the title of my novel because nothing has felt right thus far. {call me a woman}

At this point the title is "As we greet with a kiss". The reason for the title is that is has to do with its content and it derives from Hymn # 286 "Oh, what songs of the heart"

I know it is excessive to post the words from this song...but it's so touching that I want to share it.

Oh, what songs of the heart
We shall sing all the day,
When again we assemble at home,
When we meet never to part
With the blest over the way,
There no more from our loved ones to roam!
When we meet never to part,
Oh, what songs of the heart
We shall sing in our beautiful home.

Though our rapture and bliss
There's no song can express,
We will shout, we will sing over and over,
As we greet with a kiss,
And with joy we caress
All our loved ones that passed on before;
As we greet with a kiss,
In our rapture and bliss,
All our love ones that passed on before.

Oh, the visions we'll see
In that home of the blest,
There's no word, there's no thought can impart,
But our rapture will be
All the soul can attest,
In the heavenly songs of the heart;
But our rapture will be
In the vision we'll see
Best expressed in the songs
We shall sing in our home!
We shall sing in our beautiful home.

Oh, what songs we'll employ!
Oh, what welcome we'll hear!
When we kneel at our dear Savior's feet.
And the heart swells with joy
In embraces most dear
When our heavenly parents we meet!

Davis Bigelow said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious Autumn! That song makes a fine theme.
As for your questions:

"Is this novel partially fiction?"
The novel I began in November (In Ravenscrag's Shadow) is pure fiction, but is loosely based on real people and an actual location - although the names are all changed. For Three Seconds On Three Seconds Off, anything I have already written and will yet write in this series is all pure fact. I have changed many of the people's names though.

"Is this novel based on you but you have kept your identity and added a new character in place of?" In Three Seconds On Three Seconds Off, presently in the editing stage for Volume I, I have kept my identity. In fact, the collection of stories in the book begins when I am three years old and have my first memories of growing up on a lighthouse. This collection of first person accounts progresses through the years until I am 22 years old and am about to leave forever. (So far, I have not been back to Pointer Island since I was 22.) For the remaining volumes, I anticipate following a similar format - beginning when I was young and progressing through the years. If Volume I does well, I expect to follow up with at least Volume II, but have made plans for Volumes III and IV. As far as my family goes, I want to write all the stories I can for my children and grandchildren. Hopefully, I can share many, if not all of them with a larger audience. Time will tell. And thanks for asking.

Ainhoa said...

I´m really curious about how growing up in a lighthouse must be. I can´t wait to read your stories.
As for my novel, chapter 3 is almost finished. The problem is that I still don´t know how to go on. I have different options and I still have to choose which one will be better for the story. But I´m really enjoying this writing experience, with all the ups and downs that are part of the process.
Un saludo.

Ajoy said...

Wonderful, Davis! Just wonderful.

Ok- so is 'In Ravenscrag's Shadow' accepted with a publishing company and you are editing it or have edited it? What is the status or plans for this novel?

I know "Three seconds on, Three seconds off" is what has been accepted for publishing and you ARE currently editing it. Right? When is the publish date set for, again?

Davis Bigelow said...

Autumn, In response to your questions, I created a new post - Jan 7, 2008.

Ainhoa, In my limited novel writing experience, I found that having my openning and closing scenes in mind, I was able to chain the middle events to lead smoothly from on to the other. I first wrote a 3/4 page outline of the whole book, then expanded it to five pages. Once I had the five pages completed, I began to write the details. The process is working well for me, but there are probably other equally good ways to create a novel. Perhaps this will give you the idea that will work for you. Have fun!!!

James said...

Hey Davis,

Congrats on the progress! I found the editing process to be quite over-whelming and also a fair bit frustrating.

I think the editors did a great job with my book, but you definitely take 'ownership' in the book which results in some strange/angry/hurt feelings when they want things cut or changed.

Overall I think it's just part of the writing process, but it surprised me nonetheless.

It's much more fun once the book as out. You can also look back and laugh a bit too!


Davis Bigelow said...

Thanks James. It is a rollercoaster!!!

Candace E. Salima said...

Sounds like you're kicking butt in the writing arena. Way to go!

Davis Bigelow said...

Thanks Candace. How are your books doing?