Thursday, January 3, 2008


It has been awhile since my husband has had any free minutes to post so i thought i would do the honors. Our Christmas was wonderful. We missed our oldest daughter and her family but were able to have all the other children here to celebrate. We spent time together just talking, laughing, singing and of course eating. This time of the year is the time that both my husband and i feel the closest to your Saviour. We tried our best to reach out to others and share the joy of His birth though deeds and song. We both love to sing and were able to do so in our Church service and also at two Senior's homes. In between all this was work for both of us. I work full time with a 12 hour shift in a Senior home and of course Davis just works hours and hours driving. Just a couple weeks before Christmas, Davis received his manuscript back from the editor and he has been pouring over it every free second he has. So everyone can see between Christmas, Family, Work and Editing there was no time to post. Now i have to get back to taking down and putting away all my decorations and once again try to keep the Christmas Spirit in my heart all year long, without the beautiful reminders i have enjoyed all month. Happy New Year From The Writer's Wife.

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Ajoy said...

Oh, how sweet...from the writer's wife. You're great for taking a minute to post for Davis. :) It's great to read something from his other half, too.

I always loved singing in the senior centers when I was a youth. I guess I should continue to do so with my family. Though- I could make dogs howl...and these elderly folks might plug their ears when they hear me. ;)

It's a thrill for me to read that you, Davis, are on the ball with your writing, editing etc...with your novel. It really pushes me to do better, be more efficent and work faster toward my goal.

Happy New Year to you, Davis & your sweet wife.