Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nine-Eleven Remembered

It is September the 11th and I had an emotionally charge day. As the minutes passed and the sun rose and set, I remembered the good and the bad that I knew about this day. I felt glad to be alive and not the direct victim of a terrorist attack, but I realized that I am a victim - we all are. I was pained at the thought! Since the fall of the twin towers, we have probably all looked over our shoulders a little more... Paid attention to things that might have just gone unnoticed in a long forgotten yesteryear. How sad for those many who have lost loved ones. My heart ached for the injustice dispensed so cruelly to them... Fathers and mother who will never play with their children again, or contribute to the good of our society... Hushed children, whose tiny flames of potentially brilliant light had no chance to burn brightly with the others who survived.
In our modern world, so many are so good, yet a few lurk with intent to destroy. The scary part of it all is that as a human being, I have both potentials within me. Only my freedom to choose factors powerful. I hope I never forget the pain that comes from wrong-doing.


iZING said...

All of our lives were changed on that day. Is the world a better place now? Are we just more aware of the evils lirking in the world?

The world will never be the same.

Davis Bigelow said...

Hey Jerry, Thanks for the comment. It caused me to wonder too. I wish I could see my way to a definative answer, but uncertainty is the best conclusion I can rationally arrive at.
PS I like your blogs and website. You've done just a little work!!!