Saturday, September 8, 2007

Elevations, Tiny Towns, Marker Lights & Nautical Miles

Good morning,

Since my manuscript went off to find its new destiny (with the Editor), I have been concentrating my efforts on finishing the maps for the book. I don't know about all of you, but I find that a good map is tough to resist. Tolkien & Terry Brooks certainly added to their epic fantasies by using awesome maps. Mine are not the product of imagination, however, and perhaps that makes them even more interesting. You can not only look at the ones for my book but you can then travel to the location to get a hands on, eyes on experience with their reality.

So far, I have prepared five maps. Here they are - three of them are ready to go. Do you think they need anything different, or should I leave them like they are? (I've had to reduce their resolution size to post.)

(Just click on an image to enlarge it.) Enjoy....


Ajoy said...

Wow cool maps!! I'm very impressed. I agree that a good map is very tough to resist.

I find myself very anxious to read your book. Best wishes and I hope to be reading it soon!

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I thought your comment on Stephanie Humprey's blog was quite profound for me:

"It seems to me that being passionate about something gives birth to a part of your soul that is not governed by monetary value. It is available for anyone who tries. It puts all of us human beings on equal grounds."

Thank you very much for this!

Davis Bigelow said...

Thanks Ajoy! Very generous of you.

As far as my upcoming book goes, my publisher is preparing a website for me (, but it is still under construction. Once it is up and runing, I hope to include excerpts from each chapter. I'll let you know when things progress. My Blog seems so dry, but I want to save some of the good stuff for the website. I look forward to using the website as a very colourful vehicle. Time will tell if my plans are too grandeose, but what's a dreamer without a dream?

Ajoy said...


I will keep checking for your site...until then, hang in there.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Great maps. I found this blog through ajoy's and am glad I came to see what she was talking about :-) All very interesting. Thanks for posting.