Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Manuscript Is Finished!

Hey y’all,

As of August 30th, 2007, the text portion of Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off was completed. Since then, I have been working on the maps – which were already mostly done. I have only a little more work to do on them before they join the text.

To say I am excited is quite and understatement! I feel like I am sending my seven-year-old baby out into an unpredictable world, but I expect my new friend, “The Editor”, will feed and tend the emerging child with as much love and concern as I have.. Once he is finished, it will be you turn. Patience… your turn is coming soon.

When I began writing, some seven years ago, part of me wondered if this day would ever arrive. Now it is here, and all that remains to complete Volume I is window dressing. Exciting!!! Be still my heart!!!

Stay tuned… There’s definitely more to come!!!


Rebecca Talley said...

Good for you. I wish you great success!

Your book sounds fascinating. Who's publishing it and when will it be out?

Davis Bigelow said...

Hi Rebecca,
The manuscript has gone is to the editor. Once he has a look at it, he will begin to make recommendations back to me within three weeks. From there, I don't know the time line. We hope to have the finished book out for Chritsmas, but who can say if it will make it? For sure, the book will be on the market by March 2008.
The publisher is Writing On Stone Press