Friday, June 29, 2007

June 24, 2007 – Day 10 – Sunday

Last night was a terrible night. The rain fell without stopping, although it did lighten up a few times.

When morning finally came, we hurriedly packed up. Breakfast was a bit rough. Due to the soggy weather, we could only get to our grapefruits, but they were good.

Once packed up, the weather miraculously cleared, so we spent several hours walking the sandy beach. Combers Beach was wonderful! The sun came out to dance on the waves and the four-foot surf crashed in rhythmically as I strolled with my sweetheart in its warmth. It was wonderfully romantic.

When we finally left the warm cream-coloured sand, we drove back to Ucluelet and checked into #24, Reef Point Cottages. The cabin was beautiful, but after a shivering night in the pouring rain, it was as close to being a palace as I have ever enjoyed! A lower-floor bedroom, balcony and hot tub below a main floor living room, kitchen, bathroom, and upper balcony. Wow!! And I thought the beach was going to be the nicest thing I saw all day!

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