Friday, June 29, 2007

June 20, 2007 – Day 6 - Wednesday

This morning found us packing up our tent & stuff before ambling along the beach, picking the occasional shell and taking in the unspoiled scene. The tide was way out and there was much to see. Finally, we climbed back into our car an headed out.

South on Highway 19 and then west on the #4, took us toward our ultimate destination. Along Hwy 4, we stopped in Port Alberni, where we looked up an old friend, Rickie Joe. He and his wife were out, but we said a quick “Hello” to their live-aboard boat before heading back to the open road. Oh, did I say, “open”?

The narrow pavement snaked its way up and down several mountain passes. At higher elevations, rain misted down on our windshield and obscured our views. The murky mist painted the emerald rain forest with a mystical aura that seemed to hold us in the spell of anticipation as our car negotiated the innumerable curves. Cold and rugged, but hauntingly beautiful, the thick evergreen forest finally parted to reveal the quaint village of Ucluelet. We had arrived! 
Once moved into our awesome, little cabin, #12, Reef Point Cottages, Diana and I drove out to see Amphitrite Point Lightstation. Mighty surf pounded the dark, jagged coastline, sending unnerving spray into the cool, intermittent drizzle of the evening. Wow!

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