Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lighthouse trivia - Have you visitied one recently?

Hi Y'all,

Remember how I was thinking about asking on-line questions? Well, here are two I thought of...

1. Have any of you readers recently visited any lighthouse, anywhere in the world?

2. Any chance any of you have ever visited Pointer Island Lightstation?

Let my know and I will post your comments. Take care,

Davis Bigelow
Author of Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off


Anonymous said...

For your qestions I have done none. but I really do like your blog. Oh and i was wondering if soon we, as a family could have a camp'y' thingy like we use to it would just be reallly fun to go camping like we use to ooh and hike as a big family too.

lvu bonnie /mojo

Anonymous said...

Hi again. How far north of Vancouver, B.C. is your lighthouse?
Is the lighthouse still there?
Velma P.

Davis Bigelow said...

The lighthouse is 220 statute miles (regular miles) north of Vancouver, British Columbia. At present, there is nothing left on the lsland except a fiberglass tower and solar panel to run the battery powered light.
As far as camping goes, you could camp there if you could get there.