Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goat Lake Hike - Waterton National Park

On July 4th, 2009, Greg, Chris, my daughter Amberle and I hiked from the trailhead / parking lot at Red Rock Canyon to Goat Lake. Of the four of us, only Amberle had done this hike before, but as we started down the trail, we all got a big surprise!!!
As we ate lunch at the lake, the partly cloudy sky darkened and we got a good downpour. Thankfully, we had some large evergreens to hide under. Only a few drops landed on us. After the short shower, we meandered behind the lake, past the tenting campsite and enjoyed a spectacular meadow filled with yellow columbines. I wish you could have all enjoyed the day with us, but at least I had a camera with me. As we walked, we heard a strange, piercing noise. It sounded like a raptor sound effect off of the movie Jurassic Park. We were rather freaked out until we located the source. it was a hawk.
Check out the slide show to see it all.

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