Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Break???

Hey everyone,
Just a note to let you all know that I am yet alive and well - just extremely busy adventuring, etc...
Since I last posted, I've been on a backpacking trip, kayaked down a river - twice, been Tiger Hunting in the Hoodoos, photographed some exotic places, read an amazing adventure story (which I will be reviewing in my next post), been camping, sat around several fires, carved a little, played with my grandchildren, visited with my daughters and son, been sailing, photographed two weddings, got published in the book "Famous Family Nights" by Anne Bradshaw, worked on my own book, "Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off", partnered with a gifted artist (to complete the artistic touches on two of my children's stories), made new friends, been in contact with old ones, attended the Calgary Stampede, created a brand new business card, hiked to Goat Lake, dealt with a sewer backup, worked to pay for it all, and generally had a great time so far this summer. (The sewer backup, however, didn't make the "great time" list!)
As for my book, "Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off", it is a little closer to print, but my publisher was unhappy with a few things and I am currently going through the manuscript for time #7. I hope to be done and see the book in print for Christmas, but still no commitments as yet.
I would like to post more frequently and will try harder to do so. I have many photos and adventures to share, so please stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your summers are all going great too!!!


Marie said...

I just visited your site for the first time. Sorry to hear about your mother in law. Christmas is a time for family and friends and this is a chance for a gathering to strengthen relationships.
How far did you get with your story?
I remember telling you about truck chains we got for our aerial fire truck. You can find out about them at ONSPOTCHAIN.COM
If you want to contact us our email is

Davis L. Bigelow said...

Hey Jim,
Great to hear from you! Thanks for the website for those chains. I'd forgotten about them, so I appreciated the reminder.
As for my story, the fiction adventure novel, I was able to break 50,000 words but due to the trip, etc to Indiana, I never got the conclusion written. Since I returned home, however, I have worked on the novel a bit, but am still not finished. I am most anxious to see how it ends. In the beginning, I created a complete, detailed outline, but I find that in the actual writing, the story gets a life of its own. (The effect is very cool, and talked about by every fiction writer I have heard about.) Thank you so much for asking. I hope to finish the story soon, but I have more pressing matters with my lighthouse book that need my attention right now. Either way, it is very nice to be remembered. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I hope you had a great Christmas and holiday season. I hope 2010 is an awesome year for you!