Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Of all things... A lighthouse cartoon!! Cool!!

This past week has found me putting in lots of hours at work. Sorry I haven't got to posting, but finally, here I am. A few days ago, my daughter's boyfriend sent me this link to a lighthouse comic strip. I laughed and laughed. Maybe I found it so funny cuz I have some practical experience with this sort of thing, but maybe you all will enjoy it too.

As for my first fiction novel, "In Ravenscrag's Shadow", I am approaching 10,000 words, but I'm not quite there yet. For the most part, I have written it on my laptop, utilizing tiny blocks of free time in my workday. For those of you who don't know, I drive a double trailer semi, hauling grain around so that cows can eat, get fat, and ... well, you know the rest. I often have to wait for other trucks to empty or to load, and whenever it looks like a few free minutes will present themselves, I grab on with both hands. Since I have so little free time, this technique is also how my first book was written. That book is more appropriately named, however, "Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off". Some days, I take out my laptop and three seconds is all I get!

Speaking of
"Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off - Volume 1", the editor is still working his magic and I am just waiting (and writing more stuff). I do expect to hear something soon. On a very positive note, my publisher has taken a look at my artwork (I do my own interpretation of west coast native drawings). He liked it very much and wants to include most, if not all of it in Volume 1. It takes me a long time to complete a piece, but I do have a few to choose from. I need to get the 8 1/2 x 11 inch drawings digitized soon. Maybe this weekend - if I don't have to work again.
Later.... and Thanks for dropping in.


Ajoy said...

Is there anything you don't do? haha

I know how you feel- about getting just bits and pieces here and there to write. As a stay at home mommy I am super busy. If I'm on the computer I feel like I'm cheating and wasting precious time with little ones or a house and laundry that always needs my attention. But, I ignore those thoughts and indulge myself. Writing is an art. to realese ones inner thoughts, desires, communication to share with the world. My husband doesn't undersatand this at all- but to me it's fun and wonderful. Another blessing to have blogger buddies!

By the way...the comic was GREAT!

Davis Bigelow said...

There are a few things I don't do, but I do live by a "no limits" rule. If something sounds like an adventure, then it probably is and I probably have either done it or want to do it. Being raised in isolation, surrounded by five sisters (no brothers), gave me a unique perspective that makes me not see a very distinct line dividing men's activities from women's activities. Consequently, I cook and sew any time the urge strikes me - and think nothing of it. I can iron and do laundry (but I hate doing dishes). When it comes to guy things, I like to do those too. I enjoy woodworking, designing and constructing, repairing things around the house and working on the car. On the lighthouse, my father taught me, by example, that if something needed doing, you just figured out how to do it and moved forward. I personally believe that I can figure out a good solution to any problem I encounter. That often means drawing on the learning and experience of others, but eventually I always arrive at a solution I am happy with. How can anyone live any other way?

As far as what you said, "Writing is an art to release one's inner thoughts, desires, communication to share with the world." I totally understand this. Sometimes, I feel like a volcano erupting with the art of expressive writing! (And sometimes - usually at the beginning of the process - the art is that messy too.)