Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Latest Lighthouse Story

Hi y'all,
I have really been working on finishing this latest story. It is "Dad's Lesson On Mercy", and today I wrapped it up. At just under 9,000 words, this one may end up being my book's longest.
Once I saved my work, I began to edit the next one: "Windows and Waterspouts". It is mostly written. I say "mostly" because when I take a fresh look at a piece, I always add a few things to polish it up. I find that in the time between the initial writing and the final editing, I remember more detail, and cannot pass up the opportunity to add a bit more sugar to the cereal. You know, just like you did as a kid. Hey, got to run, but thanks for joining my blog. Stay tuned!!!
The photo is of Pointer Island in 1983 - looking NW

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