Monday, January 13, 2014

"Saving Mr. Banks" - Movie Review

Finally, a movie that can stand proud among the movie classics of any era! "Saving Mr. Banks" doesn't rely on sex scenes, violence, course and foul language or scantily clad actors or actresses to capture and hold interest - you know, the typical staples of most movies made today. No indeed - and it's about time! "Saving Mr. Banks" is a different kind of modern day movie. Why? Because it relies on a great story, great directing, great photography, great background settings and superb acting. (I've never seen better acting.)

I found "Saving Mr. Banks" to be a tender portrayal of a woman who's difficult young life ultimately impacted my own life as well as the lives of everyone I know. When P.L. Travers wrote the book, “Mary Poppins”, she changed her world - and as time passed, her book changed our world. Kudos to Walt Disney for his tireless work in taking “Mary Poppins" to the big screen in 1964. And my generous thanks to Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke and the rest of the fabulous cast and crew of the 1964 movie that lead us to the rest of the story in 2014 - "Saving Mr. Banks".

I know 5 stars is considered the best a movie can be rated, but this movie leaves other 5-star movies behind. "Saving Mr. Banks"deserves more than 5 stars and I hope you all get the chance to see it.

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Dan O. said...

It's more than just a Disney movie being made, it's a woman's life coming out on film and it's a very well-told tale in that general aspect. Good review Davis.