Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Music Is In The Air

I love the music of  Christmas, especially songs about the birth of Jesus Christ. Yesterday I was asked to sing a solo in our Christmas Sunday program on December 22nd. Now I just need a song. Several times in the past I have performed "Born Is The Light Of The World" by Sally DeFord, but I'm considering a fresh number. If any of you out there are also looking for a selection of great Christmas music that is free to print and use non-commercially, then look no further than Sally DeFord's site. I've heard many of her compositions and I think they're awesome. Many of her songs have accompanying MP3 clips that allow you to listen to professional sounding renditions. Nice! And the best part about Sally's website is that "free" means no money required and no back-door-malicious-software trying to sneak onto your computer while you browse her site. In our world where an agenda of greed is nearly everywhere, it is refreshing to find an exception - especially at Christmas time!

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