Monday, March 12, 2012

Long Time

It's been a while since I posted on my blog. I am alive and well and living life to the fullest. I hope that all you who stop by to visit are doing great too. For the last year and a half, my employment has been in transition and I finally decided to neglect something in an attempt to find balance in my life - so my blog got put on hold. Sometimes a guy just can't do everything!! (And in my case, it's not just sometimes!)

When I can, I've been working on my fiction novel, "The Treasure of El Grado Escaso" and it is coming along wonderfully. Here is a little snipit from the novel (copyrighted by me of course). This is the final paragraph from Chapter 8: As background, Craik Torres is definitely a bad guy and Jen is the heroine of my story. The scene takes place within a sunken ship at 155 feet below the surface of the ocean near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I hope you enjoy...

"The bloodstained, underwater weapons moved closer. Craik’s tanned head entered the darkened hold. His thick black hair waved through the suspended silt like recently mowed sea grass strewn with copious quantities of plankton. He came on steadily. Jen was frozen. Her breath was caught in her throat. The big man turned. Wide, sea foam green eyes were met by an icy glare. From three short feet away, Jen gaped at the lean, rawboned visage of Craik Torres. Any traces of mercy that the diving guide may have possessed, any immoral desires he once harbored for Jen, any loyalty he once pretended to have, were all gone, completely swept away by his latest lust for what lay scattered within the sunken hold of La Niña Perezosa. Murder flickered in his light brown eyes. Jen’s heart stopped. It was as though she had lifted the black cowl of the grim reaper and was now staring point blank into his foreboding face. For a split second, time stood still. Then, like a merciless winter storm raging across Montana, Craik lunged to snuff out Jen’s life."

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