Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrating 10,000 Page Loads

From the day of its very humble and halting beginnings on June 17, 2007, I am pleased to say that my blog has now enjoyed over 10,000 page loads. A long time reader from Milo, Alberta, Canada got the number 10,000 spot! Congrats!
I'm grateful and glad that so many have visited and re-visited. I hope all of you have enjoyed my posts thus far and that you will continue to visit often. I hope to keep things interesting and I think even add a little controversy from time to time (I'm not that political, but I'm going to climb out of the kiddie pool and venture a step or two towards the deep end). Thank you all for your kind interest!
And to those of you who felt to make comments - I appreciate all of them. Because of your comments, I have taken the opportunity to enjoy the blogs of many fascinating, interesting and exiting people from around our small globe - yes, that would probably be you. I find that several significant things make my life interesting: Having new adventures, sharing the adventures of others, trying to say things that would be positive and uplifting, creating art in word and deed, sharing in the heartaches & triumphs of others while I consider my own vicissitudes and achievements, and just getting outside myself to see this amazing world through my own eyes and through the unique eyes of others. My blog, in spite of my reluctance to begin it, has made my life infinitely more rich. I appreciate all who add positive, inspirational and uplifting content to the world wide web. You are awesome!!! Please keep up the good work!
Three & a half years ago, when I began this blog, I hadn't a clue what I was doing! Even today, I still feel like I need to consult Blogging For Dummies from time to time! Now I realize that it's not typically manly of me to admit something like that, but hey, the truth is the truth! Since 2007, I've posted 161 times - which is not very many times compared to some of you out there. For nearly the last year, I've taken special pleasure in publishing my first fiction novel, "In Ravenscrag's Shadow" for anyone to read (and hopefully enjoy). Tomorrow at 4am MST (mountain standard time), the final chapter goes up and the book reaches its epic conclusion.
What will I do next? Well... at the end of the final chapter of tomorrow's post, I will tell you.
See you in the morning!

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