Monday, August 30, 2010

Chris Heimerdinger & Tennis Shoes 11: Sorcerers and Seers

Congrats Chris!!! I'm definitely anticipating the continuing adventure! I hope you get some sleep, but tuck an extra pen in your pillow case just in case you have too many autographs to create.

I have especially enjoyed the audio versions of your Tennis Shoes Series. I have twice listened to volumes 1-10 as I've driven my thousands of kilometres each month. I don't have lots of discretionary time for actual reading of books, but in your case, that’s good. In my experience with audio books, your creative creation of audio storytelling is most unique and entertaining. To date (and it's rather tough to pick just one scene from so many great ones), my favourite scene is the armed battle between the warriors Apollus and Gid. I would venture to claim that that clash of those undefeated titans - from two different continents and cultures, is the finest battle ever penned on paper. Legendary work Chris! That scene is certainly the most heart stopping one I have ever read (or heard)! My question now is, “Will you outdo yourself in Volume 11?” Perhaps I’ll have to pull over and park my semi again! (Blaming your pen for an accident just wouldn't seem fair!)

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