Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Year of Possibilities

Hi everyone,

I hope the Christmas and New Years celebrations were great for you all!! Mine were wonderful! I did a great many things in 2008, and here is my lengthy account of the highlights:

During the summer, Diana and I were privileged to join in a family reunion, held in Kelowna, B.C. We had a stellar time! Games, stories, late night visits, photo opps, kayaking and more gave us cherished memories of loved ones we don’t often see. Our next reunion is planned for 2011.

The year of 2008 saw my manuscript, “3 Seconds On, 3 Seconds Off – Volume I”, go through ten edits in all. Seven of them were by me. Now I am waiting for a final review prior to publication. Volume 2 is already under way.

As the year progressed, I went scuba diving seven times (and got my certification), sailing twice, kayaking three times, rock climbing once, snowshoeing twice and hiking three times. I also began the hobby of low-relief woodcarving. I have one carving project in progress and plan to finish it soon.

As for theatrical events, Diana and I attended “Corteo – Cirque Du Soleil”, “Corb Lund”, “Anne Murray”, and “The Vinyl Café”. All performances were excellent!
In April and May, Diana and I repainted our upstairs bathroom and refinished our oak living room floor. Both rooms look great! With the living room looking good, we bought our very first new couch, love seat & chair set. After making do for 26 years, the new matching leather furniture is definitely appreciated.

On February 2, 2008, we bid farewell to President Hinckley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In my life, President Gordon B. Hinckley has been a profound influence, leading me by example as well as inspiring me with the spoken word to try to stand a little taller and be a little kinder. While I have sometimes forgotten his wise council, I have also sometimes succeeded in practicing it. My small successes continue to give me hope. I will miss his wise words.

In May, I was approached by a fellow author and asked to contribute a short story for a book she was trying to assemble about family home evenings. I felt deeply honoured and eagerly accepted the challenge. (Family Home Evening is a program our church advocates. It involves gathering the entire family each Monday night for singing, a spiritually uplifting lesson, fun activities and, of course, a sweet desert.) The upcoming book will be called “Famous Family Nights”. The book has 88 contributors in all, and is expected to be released in the Fall of 2009. I am very excited about this project. The piece I contributed is called, “Six Squirming Children On A Lighthouse”. I'll post more when I know more.

On June 5th, my Mother was trying to work in our garden when she fell, breaking her neck. She was alone, but the Lord was there to help her with a few miracles. Mom got up, supporting her head with her hands, walked out to the street, flagged down a car & rode to the hospital. The break in her neck was described by the specialist as “the worst possible break you can get”! We are grateful her life was spared. Mom spent three months in a halo and is now doing very well. She can even drive around our small town (when snow & ice are not covering the streets). Mom will turn 78 this year.

Diana’s Mother is still battling cancer (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) & its complications - kidney failure being the most prominent. She also has a defibrillator/pace maker in her chest to help with her Mio-Cardiopathy (heart condition). Late this past spring, Diana spent nearly a month with her parents. They live 1900 miles (3000km) away. I stayed home to work, but the lengthy visit was worth my minor sacrifice. So far, Mom is surviving, but we know that that could change quickly. Diana’s Dad is feeling pretty stressed too. Go figure? From so far away, about all we can do is make phone calls & pray. We do lots of both. Diana’s sister lives an hour away from them, so that helps calm our worries.

From November 1st to the 30th, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I wrote 30,902 additional words on an adventure novel that I began in November 2007. The fiction novel, “In Ravenscrag’s Shadow” now contains 45,540 words. Once I get my real book in circulation, I may publish this tale too.

For Christmas, Diana gave me a book about boat building techniques. "The Boat Builder's Apprentice" was a sweet read, and I conjured and imagined up more dreams than I could achieve in a lifetime. Still, I plan on building something boat-like this year, but my plans are currently caught in a swirling pool of possibility! I think I will first construct a pontoon (an ama for those who know the term) to use along side one of my kayaks. The outrigger will be relatively easy to make and I already have my basic plans drawn up. Once the frozen outdoors warm up a bit, I will commandeer the garage and get to work on the hull. The other boat I am listing towards is a fast, fibreglass kayak. No matter what I decide, I'll post photos of whatever I do.

Before I sign off, I wish you all a wonderful year for 2009. I hope you and yours will embrace happiness and enjoy good health. I hope you will find success in your plans and projects, but most of all, I hope you and I will all be found contributing positive things to our wonderful world!! God bless you all, and thank you for visiting my virtual world.


Ainhoa said...

Dear Davis,
I know it has been long since the last time I left some words here but it doesn´t mean that I didn´t read what you wrote.
I´m glad to hear that your mother is doing well now. I hope Diana´s mother can win the battle too.
I wish you the best with your book and to show you how I enjoy reading your blog I awarded you with the Symbelmine prize. You may want to have a look in my blog in case you want to follow the chain. The post is in Spanish but if you need some help with the translation, let me know.

Davis Bigelow said...

Thank you Ainhoa!! I am deeply honoured. I must confess to having had a difficult time translating the award presentation. If you could send it to me in English I would like it a lot. I've been looking around for someone in my town that can translate my blog into Spanish, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Perhaps it's time I got out my old Spanish vocabulary cassette tapes and converted them to MP3 format so I can relearn your language while I drive. Thanks again! I appreciate it.

Ainhoa said...

You are welcome Davis.
Basically what you have to do is writing a post showing the picture of the prize and the link of the blog which awarded you with it (mine, in this case).
Then you choose another seven blogs that you would like to give this prize (because you like them and you have created a bond with those bloggers in some way), you link them in the same post and then send the chosen ones a comment to let them know.
And finally, just if you want, you can show the award in your blog in a permanent way.
I think that´s it but if you have any question, let me know.