Saturday, October 25, 2008

Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off - Volume 1 - Book Review

"We get a front row seat to the coming-of-age experiences of a young boy growing up on Canada’s west coast in Davis Bigelow’s vivid book, “Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off“. This unique and descriptive view of lighthouse living causes us to yearn for the simple pleasures of an era far past. Keeping time with the life of the emotion-charged, energy-bound child gives us an authentic spectrum of human virtues and frailties that co-existed among the mighty elements. Beauties of the landscape, toils of daily life, life-changing trials, and sweet memories are skilfully encased in a series of eventful stories. A distinctive contribution to BC history."- V. Kidd -Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education

As a side note: Ms. Kidd read the manuscript prior to edit #4 and was kind enough to provided some helpful comments. On October 22, 2008, I completed my edit/read-through #6 and am now comparing all of Kidd's comments with my latest flourishes. To date, I'm about 25 pages into the manuscript and am quite enjoying her thoughts. Many people who edit seem to offer helpful criticism, but littered throughout Kidd's notes are plenty of smiley faces and several great comments. Here is just one, "Good descriptions - I like how they pull you in."

The photo is a potential cover for Volume I.