Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hiking, Changes & Reunions

I've had a super busy month and haven't posted for a very long time, but I sure appreciate all the visits to my blog. A big welcome to the new visitors from Czech Republic, Chile, Egypt, Japan, Montenegro, Russian Federation, The Former Republic Of Yugoslav, Australia, USA, & Canada. Good to have all the regular visitors stop by too!
As promised, here is the slide show from my Summit Lake Hike in Waterton National Park, Alberta on June 21, 2008.

Since I last posted, I have seen my publishing company undergo a change in ownership. A very scary thing - potentially. However, the new owner has positively impressed me and I look forward to the new future. The new owner and I have decided that my manuscript needs a bit more tweaking, and at this point, we have no release date to announce. However, when the day finally dawns, I think the completed book will be worth the wait!
My website is still in the creation phase, but that will change over time. I have discovered that there is great power in doing small things on a regular basis. After all, that is mostly how I got my book written & continues to be the way I am writing the sequels. My parents used to quote the tortoise (from the fable The Tortoise & the Hare), "slow but sure wins the race", and they were right. A person can accomplish much using only a few minutes at a time here and there, so I'm more worried about my direction than my speed. Of course, even knowing all that doesn't keep me from getting frustrated from time to time.
In addition to adjusting to my publisher's hat change, we also attended a wonderful reunion in Kelowna, B.C. On the way there, my sweetheart, Diana, and I stopped in Golden, B.C. and stayed at the Great Canadian Chalets. It was awesome!!! The next morning, we drove to a remote waterfall and took some great photos - before we drove the 5 remaining hours to reach Kelowna. Good times!!! Sweet memories!!!
After Kelowna, we drove home and hosted our oldest daughter, DeAnna, son-in-law, Jason, and two grandchildren, Triston & Brandi, for a week. The four of them live in Dawson Creek, B.C. (an 11 hour drive from our house) so we don't see them very often. Diana and I had such a great time! Triston is 3 and Brandi is nearly 2 years old. They loved our cats and Jack Russel Terrier. Together we did lots of yard work, played some games (Settlers of Catan) and enjoyed some tasty meals. The four of them left this morning, accompanied by my 2nd daughter, Amberle. Amberle will return from her visit to Dawson in a couple of weeks. It is nice that our children like each other.
Tonight our house is quiet again, but we miss the sound of little feet. Triston & Brandi's smiles and laughter will be greatly missed! Some things are just better than a clean house! We've done lots so far this summer, but Diana and I still have more adventures planned. Stay tuned for a little camping, hiking, scuba diving, writing, editing and who knows what else before 2008 closes....
Thank you for visiting us and sharing our fun!

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