Friday, February 8, 2008

An Awesome Sailboat Adventure - In Progress!!!

Several years ago, Glenn Wakefield had a dream. He wanted to circumnavigate the planet earth in a small sailboat - alone! His dream would set him on a steady course to set a world record - well at least it is in progress. (But I think He will do it!)
According to Glenn,
"The record I wish to set is to be the first person from North America to sail single-handed nonstop, west about, for which there is no speed record."
Any of you who read my blog and enjoy adventure, will want to check out Glenn's website. He is just about half way around the globe and I expect that he will complete his epic journey as planned. Glenn plans to arrive back at his home port of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in July 2008. Go Glenn!!!


Autumn Ables said...

My, oh my, what a guy! Heavens sake, Glenn must really want to do this bad. And I really admire him for it.

I will go check it out. {Thanks for sharing, Davis.}

Mars said...

This is an incredible story, and as someone who loves a sense of the unknown, a sense of independence, the tranquility of water and my own thoughts... I can relate. Thanks for sharing it. Also, thank you for your words-- as someone working on my own book, your older blog posts about the process were great to read and mull over.

Davis Bigelow said...

Glad you both enjoyed the link to Glenn's adventure.
As for the book-writing end of things. It seems that all one has to do is to just keep at it for long enough. Cool how "persistence" and "success" always seem to be such good friends. What is your book called, Mars? And what is it about?