Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Latest Lighthouse Story

Hi y'all,
I have really been working on finishing this latest story. It is "Dad's Lesson On Mercy", and today I wrapped it up. At just under 9,000 words, this one may end up being my book's longest.
Once I saved my work, I began to edit the next one: "Windows and Waterspouts". It is mostly written. I say "mostly" because when I take a fresh look at a piece, I always add a few things to polish it up. I find that in the time between the initial writing and the final editing, I remember more detail, and cannot pass up the opportunity to add a bit more sugar to the cereal. You know, just like you did as a kid. Hey, got to run, but thanks for joining my blog. Stay tuned!!!
The photo is of Pointer Island in 1983 - looking NW

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Another Lighthouse Story Completed

This morning, I finished writing "Measured For A Casket". Yeah!!!! I have been working hard on this one for quite some time, and it is finally done. The next story, which should take me less time, is "Dad's Lesson On Mercy". It is a fist-a-cuffs tale that has its roots planted when I was three years old, but finishes over thirty years later when my father dies and I am compelled to look back on the drama. Stay tuned!!!