Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet Thoughts & Broken Bones

Greetings my friends,

I have not posted for a very ling time. I apologize for that. I've been rather occupied. Hope you are all healthy, happy and terrific!

On May 19th, my sweetheart went to visit her parents, accompanied by my second daughter, Amberle. Diana's Mom has some serious heath issues and her doctors say that she has already lived a year longer than they expected. We are grateful for the extra time, but deeply saddened by what appears to be the inevitable.
In Diana's absence, I became a lonely bachelor, with just our dog and two cats for company. The cats remained home, but the dog, a spirited Jack Russel terrier, accompanied me on my trucking adventures all over Alberta. He was good company, for a dog, but I missed Diana terribly. After nearly 26 years together, I have become rather attached to the sounds of her voice floating through our home (which was more like a tomb for nearly a month). On June 13th, Diana and Amberle returned safely. A few days later, I wrote this poem for Diana:
A Sweet Daydream

The morning dawn adorns your hair,
Sprinkling life on tired eyes.
I dare not move, but stare with awe...
Your love’s a cherished prize!

I lay awake near your sweet warmth,
Hearing slumber’s gentle breath.
I brush the freckles on your skin,
And kiss your tender neck.

The promise of a thousand rainbows,
And ten thousand butterflies,
Stirs all my soul from height to depth.
With you I’ve no disguise.

You stir from sleep – enough to smile,
Ere dreams take you again;
And I am left to hold you close,
As light transforms the dawn.

Our love is old, yet new somehow,
When I see your green eyes,
And look with care on your sweet face.
‘Tis true; I’ve won the prize!

Your hand in mine; your tender touch;
The music of your voice...
All join as one to fill my breast,
And cause me to rejoice!

By Davis Bigelow

Copyright 2008

On June 5th, my mother was trying to work in my garden when she fell. She is an industrious woman that is constantly causing me to shake my head. She just trys to do too much! Unfortunately, this time carried serious repercussions. When she fell, she hit her face on the dirt, creating a horizontal break across her second vertebrae in her upper neck. I was up north in my semi and she was alone. After laying there and calling out for a while, she supported her head and got up, walking over a hundred feet to the street where she flagged down a car. The driver happened to be a friend of ours, and since Mom didn't appear to be in too bad a shape, the driver drove her the short distance to our local hospital. Mom ended up being taken to Calgary where she was fitted with a halo and told that she had the worst possible break that you could get in your neck. She had few days of some slight tingling on her right side, but other than that, she has no paralysis problems. We consider it a miracle! She will have to wear the halo for three months and then a brace for an additional few weeks. So far things are going very well for her - especially considering what might have been the outcome. We are grateful!

Yesterday, my sweetheart had to work. In her absence, I took a break from my stresses and went hiking with my friend Greg and his wife. I took some nice photos and met some great people. I have to reduce the picture file sizes in order to post, so stay tuned. I'll tell you all about our awesome hike when I get another blog-devoted moment. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you again soon!